oasis car rental

Transfer Service

At Oasis Car Rental, we offer a transfer service that is reliable, safe, and comfortable. Our transfer service is ideal for those who need transportation to and from the airport, hotel, or any other location in Oman.

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Our Price List

Sl.No. Type of cars Rate Hotels/Transfers
1. Nissan Sunny / Similar 12.000/15.000 City/Bustan, Shangri-la
2. VW Passat 15.000/17.000 City/Bustan,Shangri-la
3. Nissan Altima / Camry 15.000/17.000 City/Bustan,Shangri-la
4. 4x4 (Prado / Similar) 23.000/28.000 City/Bustan, Shangri-la
5. 4x4 (L / Cruiser) 25.000/30.000 City/Bustan, Shangri-la
6. 4x4 (Nissan Patrol / Similar) 25.000/30.000 City/Bustan, Shangri-la